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As tradition dictates, the Locanda is a resting place on the road. Here the traveler can eat a meal, even a frugal one and find a roof over their heads for the night if they need one.
In this way, apart from the areas dedicated to accommodation and the restaurant, where the evening can be spent tasting the house specialties, we also offer a tavern space - open from morning until dinner time, with its own rules and a special menu.
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The Locanda Solagna tavern is our suggestion for a quality lunchbreak at great prices, allowing you to introduce fine eating to your daily routine.
Also here we are careful to maintain the quality of the products and their origin, but the tone is more rustic, the service a little more aware of the time that a lunchbreak demands and the menu changes following the imagination of the day.
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Inspired by old village shops, the Locanda Solagna offers a space for a small selection of local products available for sale to our guests and also to those who perhaps just drop in to see us because they want that D.O.P. pasta we keep on our shelves, for dinner or as a gift to a friend, or again for those who want to take home one of the herbal teas they tasted at our bar and they liked so much.

And so in case of an emergency or simply for pleasure, our food is once more the splendid motor of the comings and goings of people, of history and of routines that have always been a privilege for us to witness from behind the bar.

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