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Take the time to bury yourself in the lines of our menu and you will discover what makes the kitchen of the Locanda Solagna unique. Go beyond the single dishes - the menu changes seasonally - and let us carry you away.

You will admire our desire to bring to the table not only food but also emotions, surprises, and tastes which are always new.
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Our identity comes with the selection of raw materials and in our craftsmanship. We delight in finding and rediscovering our traditions a piece at a time, after the eyes have been for a moment deluded.

The kitchen of the Locanda Solagna values the specific and strong ties with the land, which comes with a celebration of what still grows following the rhythm of nature. Our special pleasure lies in the pride that comes with offering a little spa for both soul and palate.



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Raw material that comes from a production which takes time, Presidi Slow Food, growing and responsible agriculture: the soul of our kitchen has always been here - since 1956. A defensive choice, consciously made, throughout the generations that have succeeded each other in the running of the Locanda Solagna, when the labels protecting diversity were not necessary but even more now that they have become a lifestyle choice.



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This is a road we follow with pride, which takes the form of a direct relationship with producers who are committed to safeguard the quality of products and who have been recognized by the Slow Food movement for many years.

You can appreciate the result of our efforts in the dishes you will choose and in every corner of a land that maintains excellence to boast of.


Menu - SPRING 2022 (only in the evening)


Asparago BBQ e uova  € 12
Cappasanta arrosto, il suo corallo, foglia d’ostrica e cappero  € 18
Coniglio Grigio di Carmagnola alla milanese   presidio slow food   (CONIGLIO GRIGIO DI CARMAGNOLA - Piemonte)    € 18


Raviolo integrale al blu di capra e Seiras del Fen, crumble alla canapa bellunese e mandorle   presidio slow food   (SEIRAS DEL FEN - Piemonte)  € 14
Linguine di Gragnano al riccio di mare e bottarga di branzino  € 23
Vialone Nano Melotti essiccato sull’aia al prezzemolo, colombaccio e il suo fondo - Min. 2 persone  € 16


Carciofo e menta  € 14
Salmerino alpino  € 20
Pancia di vitello, millefoglie di patate e Vin Santo Trentino   presidio slow food   (VIN SANTO - Trentino)  € 20


Riso alle erbe   presidio slow food    (RISO DI GRUMOLO DELLE ABBADESSE - Veneto)  € 7
Carfogn  € 6
Finocchio e arancia  € 7

MENU DEGUSTAZIONE (uguale per tutto il tavolo 4 portate)

Degustazione vegetariana € 40
Degustazione Presidi Slow-Food € 55
Degustazione pesce € 60


  • Trota bianca e nocciola di Giffoni IGT
    Trota bianca e nocciola di Giffoni IGT
  • Pasta mista di lago
    Pasta mista di lago
  • Lingua, prugne e cavolo nero
    Lingua, prugne e cavolo nero
  • Pasta e fagioli
    Pasta e fagioli
  • Pero Misso cotto in vino
    Pero Misso cotto in vino
  • Zucca e aringa
    Zucca e aringa
  • Zucca e aringa
    Zucca e aringa
  • Tartare di pecora Brogna
    Tartare di pecora Brogna
  • Vialone nano essicato sull'aia
    Vialone nano essicato sull'aia
  • Ricordo di Sopa Coada
    Ricordo di Sopa Coada
  • Dettaglio menu La Storia Oggi
    Dettaglio menu La Storia Oggi

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