Imagine one hand holding tight to tradition while the other is held out to the conquest of the present. Imagine the vibrant tension loaded with possibility which comes from that. This is the world which will welcome you at the Locanda Solagna.
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Strong ties with our roots are precisely expressed in every detail. From the choice of ingredients to the design touches, the Locanda ha always met the challenges the future presents, so as to make you taste a new fruit, which emanates the delicious smell of history.

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A tribute to the traditions of rural Veneto architecture, knowingly conserved and promoted by recent restoration, where once again, the local territory emerges determined and gracious at the same time, focusing on the centrality of the land.

We employ local artisans, and use locally sourced material such as oak, chestnut and larch, the white marble of Asiago and the red stone of Castellavazzo. The iron work is a reference and tribute to Carlo Rizzarda, the inimitable Bellunese maestro. Sections of the old stone wall can be seen, becoming a witness to the tradition which has been passed down the generations.
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The restoration of the floors, the traditional Venetian tiling. The modern lighting and the ceramics lamp shades in the old rural style. The historical weighing machine in the village square and the imposing and marvellous stone basin from 1910 which today is a precious element of the entrance to the restrooms. A wish for authenticity that is not only a façade. Situations which follow striking solutions of continuity between tradition and modernity. This is the Locanda Solagna.
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Set in a quiet quarter of the village Quero-Vas, with the River Piave running nearby, the Locanda is perfectly located for travelers who wish to venture out and discover the Bellunese Dolomites or explore the sweet slopes of the Prosecco hills of Valdobbiadene.
Conveniently located near major roads, the Locanda is also far away from any noise. If you stay overnight, you will also have the chance to enjoy our lawns and vegetable garden. Or, only a few kilometers away, you can discover enchanting medieval towns. There are many opportunities for activities both for those who love outdoor sports and those who go in search of rich gastronomical adventures.


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