Flavour, hospitality, territory

This Christmas 2023 welcomes us with a menu that blends tradition and innovation.

A selection of exquisite dishes, designed to celebrate the holidays with taste and joy.
A taste of the Christmas that is about to arrive!

Standing aperitif with Chardonnay “Primo Passo” from Biasiotto Winery and Ermanno's delightful snacks

The menu:

Lightly marinated Piave trout, persimmon chutney, and Bellunese hemp crumble

Roasted veal tongue, smoked potatoes, and parsley

Santa bellunese pumpkin risotto, Castelmagno cheese, and pecan nuts

National seabass fillet, broccoli cream, anchovies, tubers, and roots


White chocolate mousse, vanilla shortcrust, white peach and passion fruit sorbet

Marosticana coffee and warm Baj 1768 “Antica Milano” panettone

Service includes water, coffee, and courtesy for € 70